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Inverted water cooling surge aerator
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Inverted water cooling surge aerator

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This product is one of the most advanced models currently used in aquaculture and environmental protection. It has already applied for several national patents. Its characteristics are directly made of all 304 stainless steel materials, and the motor is a waterproof motor made of all 304 stainless steel materials, and It can operate normally at 300 V ultra-low voltage. By subtracting the rotation of the gear box, water pollution caused by oil leakage from the gear box is avoided. The unique spiral impeller design, combined with the new fluid design, can bring air in a certain area into contact with the water body and let the water The boiling of the body produces a large amount of oxygen, thereby increasing the maximum dissolved oxygen in the water body, having strong wave-making capability and greatly improving the water quality the contact area between that wat body and the air is increased, the content of harmful substance and gases such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and the like in the water body is effectively reduced,Containment of water pollution and increase of fish feed to increase yield have good promotion effects.



Model motor power
Overall weight
Aeration Area
Power efficiency
( kg/kw.h)
Noise dB(A) Insulation resistance
WYL-1.5 1.1 32 4-8 380 ≥2.8 ≤70 >1
WYL-2.0 2.0 34 5-10 380 ≥2.8 ≤70 >1
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