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0.75KW Frequency conversion two impeller paddle wheel aerator
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0.75KW Frequency conversion two impeller paddle wheel aerator

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DC Motor is composed of three parts: motor, position sensor and electronic switch circuit, with the biggest feature for no mechanical connection between the commutator and brush, Therefore, Brushless DC Motor doesn't have the commutation spark and allow the motor to last long life, to work stable, and to do the maintenance easily.


DC inverter

DC frequency conversion does not require a gearbox. Reduce repair and maintenance costs


Saving 30% electricity

No reducer. It wall directly convert the electricity into power,mininizing the waste of energy


Overload protection

When the Brushless DC motor starts to operateit will automatically reduce the rotation speed, safely preventing the aerator from working and producing the oxygen


Low voltage operation

The brushless DC motor will automatically change the rotation speed and work properly under the different circumstance of voltage.


Remote control function

The brushless DC motor can be installed with remote control sensor and be controlled with in a distance up to 100 meters


Waterproof structure

The brushless DC motor is closed design with fuctions inluding water proof, dust-proof and corrosion protection therefore, it reduces the repairing and maintenance cost


Model Impeller/piece power(kw) voltage
Aeration Area
Power efficiency
( kgO²/Hour)
Noise dB(A)
YC-0.75A 2 0.75 220 1-5 ≥1.3 ≥1.2 ≤70
YC-0.75B 2 0.75 380 1-5 ≥1.3 ≥1.2 ≤70
YC-1.5A 4 1.5 220 2-6 ≥1.5 ≥2.0 ≤75
YC-1.5B 4 1.5 380 2-7 ≥1.5 ≥2.0 ≤75
YC-1.8A 6 1.8 380 3-10 ≥1.8 ≥2.2 ≤75
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